Private Bald Eagle Tours

Due to the fabulous habitat around the Moosehead Lake Area, Bald Eagles, which were once near extinction have come back in healthy numbers and continue to return to the area each year to nest and raise their young. Come along with Young’s Guide Service as we take you by boat to view one of the many Bald Eagle nests that are located along the waterways of Northern Maine. Eagles’ are most active June through August either sitting on their nest, fishing for food, feeding their young or training them to fly.

Half Day Trip (3-4 hours) : $400 / 2 people
$25 each additional person

Private Bald Eagle Photography Tours

Private photography tours are specifically designed for wildlife photographers (anyone using a long lens and/or professional grade camera). Whether it is the correct lightening, positioning, or background, Chris goes out of his way to try for the perfect photo opportunity that wildlife photographers strive for. These tours are 4 hours long and are limited to two photographers per tour.

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