Moose Hunting

The Maine Moose Hunt is a tradition that few people ever get to experience. Maine is not only one of the few states that still has the moose hunt, but it also has trophy moose close to the Moosehead Lake Area. Considering that a large part of our business consists of showing people moose throughout the summer months, we tend to find where the moose are hanging out. This is a great asset come moose hunting season. We are a small outfit so we only guide one on one trips. We hunt zones 4, 2 and 1 for the September week and zones 4, 2, 5, 1, 8 and 9 for the October week. Because we use a well equipped camper and canvas walled tents it allows us the capability to stay and hunt in some of the best remote locations with little travel time required. If you are lucky enough to be drawn for the Maine Moose Hunt be sure to book early, before these times are booked.

$6,500 (one week of hunting for Permittee and Sub-Permittee)


Upland Bird Hunting

The Moosehead Lake Area is well known for its small game hunting and has been for many years. The woods around this area provide a great contrast of covers, which make it an ideal habitat for ruffed grouse and woodcock. As any experienced bird hunter knows the population fluctuates from year to year depending on many different factors. Generally we have a healthy population of both grouse and woodcock. We offer fully guided hunts over professionally trained dogs. Whether you are experienced or a novice, bird hunting can be a challenge for all. Grouse season runs from October 1 – December 31. We offer full day hunts and can customize a hunt for you.

$600 per day (2 people)
Price includes a Hot Lunch