Private Loon Tour

To hear this lonely sound is an experience in itself, but image paddling through the fog on a still quite morning when out of the mist in front of your canoe appears a family of loons with new born chicks cradled upon their backs. As you watch the parents stealthily move through the water hunting for small fish to feed upon your Guide, Chris will be gently paddling the canoe continually placing you in the perfect spot to capture the whole event.

Whether you are looking to photograph loons on the nest, loons with chicks or just loons in general Young’s Guide Service can help you make these dreams come true.

Depending on the time of year you will be visiting will dictate where the loons will be and what the loons will be doing.

$400  3 to 4 Hour (2 people)
$25 each additional person


Private Loon Photography Tours

Private photography tours are specifically designed for wildlife photographers (anyone using a long lens and/or professional grade camera). Whether it is the correct lightening, positioning, or background, Chris goes out of his way to try for the perfect photo opportunity that wildlife photographers strive for. These tours are 4 hours long and are limited to two photographers per tour.

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