What you will experience

Do you want to truly experience the Northern Waterways of Maine?  Come travel the pristine waterways where larger boats cannot go and experience the opportunity to see wildlife and spectacular views you cannot see from a vehicle.  The Maine Freighter is a 21 ft. extremely stable motorized canoe.  With cushioned seating for up to 4 people along with your Registered Maine Guide, Chris, this is definitely the way to comfortably see sights you won’t see any other way.

History of the Maine Freighter Canoe

Freighter style canoes have traversed Moosehead Lake for well over 100 years.  Old time local guides paddled these canoes to carry large amounts of gear and clients safely and quietly through the Northern Maine Waterways.  Although we cannot go back in time to the simpler life, we can experience and explore the wilderness much as they did by freighter canoe!

1/2 Day Trip (4 hours) : $550 / 2 people
$25 each additional person