History of the Maine Freighter Canoe

The use of Freighter style canoes in the Moosehead Lake Area dates back well over 100 years. Local Maine guides used these canoes due to their ability to transport large amounts of gear along with clients safely and quietly throughout the North Maine Waterways. Although we can’t go back in time the Maine Freighter allows us to experience and explore the wilderness much like they did over 100 years ago.

What you will experience

The Maine Freighter Trips are a great way to truly experience the Northern Waterways of Maine. The Maine Freighter is a 21ft. extremely stable canoe that is powered by a 9 horse motor. The Maine Freighter can comfortably hold up to 4 additional people besides your Guide, Chris. While traveling along pristine waterways in the Maine Freighter you will get the opportunity to see wildlife and spectacular views that you wouldn’t normally get to experience while traveling by vehicle.

1/2 Day Trip (4 hours) : $450 / 2 people
$25 each additional person

Full Day Trip (8 hours) : $600 / 2 people
$25 each additional person
Includes a shore lunch